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What are

Dietary supplements ?

Food supplements are assigned to foods and contain special, enriched vital substances, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, fatty acids and other valuable ingredients.

The dosage forms are differentiated according to tablet form, capsules, liquids or powder form. The recommended dosages are indicated in the product descriptions and on the packages. You can access our products directly via the categories below, in the menu above or via the search function at the top.

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We recommend Sinavita supplements

Products for the brain and nerves from Sinavita

Nervous system

Good for your nervous system

Products for relaxation from Sinavita


Preparations for your relaxation

Products for concentration, attention and focus from Sinavita


Support you concentration and memory performance in a natural way

Products for natural detoxification from Sinavita


Support of the

detoxification functions

Vitamins and minerals from Sinavita

Minerals and vitamins

Minerals and vitamins to support important cell functions

Important, high-quality fatty acids from Sinavita

Fatty acids

Special fatty acid preparations - the optimal dietary supplement from German quality production

Products for digestion by Sinavita


To support the stomach and intestines, e.g. in the case of food intolerances

Products for the immune system from Sinavita

Immune system

Strengthen the immune system naturally and support the body's defences

Products for joints and bones from Sinavita

Joints and bones

Provide your joints and bones with important nutrients

Products for energy, performance and endurance from Sinavita


Support you physical and mental performance

Important, high-quality antioxidants from Sinavita


Support your cell protection

Enzymes at Sinavita.shop


Support for your digestion

We always strive to offer our customers a wide range of high quality dietary supplements. If you miss something or have suggestions for other products, we would be happy if you help us by telling us your wishes.

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